McSpadden Mountain Dulcimers

McSpadden mountain dulcimers are hand made in Mountain View, Arkansas.  The workshop has been building these beautiful instruments for over 40 years and the business is presently owned by Jim and Betty Woods.  Exceptional quality and classic tone define the McSpadden range.  Great care and skill go into the making of a McSpadden, from wood selection through to the finish.  These rich and highly resonant instruments are perfect for live performance, recording or simply the joy of playing!

The McSpadden Team                                                       Jim and Betty Woods 

 At Bird Rock Dulcimers we carry a range of McSpadden mountain dulcimers and below are some examples of these lovely instruments.  Sound clips and media files of McSpadden dulcimers are here.

Prices for the McSpadden dulcimers start at £450 for a flat headstock single wood version.

We can order custom models for you and fit LR Baggs pick-ups for live performance work.  Please call or email for further information.

McSpadden Standard 4FHWW - All walnut

MsSpadden Ginger 4FGWS with spruce top and walnut back and sides

Sound clips of McSpadden dulcimers are here.