The Red Kite

£310 including padded bag

Mark, Janis and Chas with some Red Kites

We are very proud to announce the commissioning of The Red Kite mountain dulcimer.  These beautiful instruments are being built from local walnut and other North American hardwoods in the Hagen family's workshop in the Ozark mountains, USA. 

The Red Kite is the national bird of Wales and a magnificent resident of the Dysinni Valley, home of Bird Rock Dulcimers.  So we just had to have a mountian dulcimer built in its honour!

You can see the picture story of how these instruments are made on the Red Kite Sound Sample page.

We usually have a good selection of Red Kites in stock as they are our most popular dulcimer.  Please call or email for a current stock list.

THE RED KITE - £310 including padded bag


Walnut scroll headstock


Each one numbered and signed


Red Kite sound holes


Bookmatched walnut backs

 Back and sides in walnut.  Tops in walnut or other North American hardwoods.  We usually have a selection of different woods in stock.

The Red Kite has proved particularly popular with singer songwriters for the way it complements the voice and easy of creative playing.  Features that have also endeared the instrument to beginner musicians.